Six-year-old boy thrown off London’s Tate Modern viewing platform making ‘amazing progress'

By Gideon Nweke | Nov 27, 2019 | health
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The six-year-old boy who was thrown off a viewing platform at London’s Tate Modern Gallery last month is making "amazing progress," his family says.

The incident happened on August 4 and the boy, who is a French national, fell five floors from a 10th floor platform.


A 17-year-old male has been charged with attempted murder and will stand trial on February 3, the BBC reports.


The child, who remains in hospital, suffered a deep brain bleed, fractured spine, as well as leg and arm fractures in the event but his family say his progress has been "amazing".

"Even if he can't speak or move his body for the moment, we now know for sure that he understands us," the family said in a statement.


"He smiles and we saw him laughing several times since a couple of days when we were telling him some funny things or when we were reading to him some stories.

"It gives us lots of strength and hope, as much as the strength you, all of you, give us since the beginning with your kind messages," the family wrote.


A GoFundMe page has already raised nearly NZ$103,000 for the family to help with medical funds.



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